Here at Susquehanna Woods, our unique style is inspired by nature. We love the organic, graceful details we can achieve by choosing materials that are, by definition, flawed. The project began as an effort to utilize the wood from trees on our property that had to be removed as a way to give those trees new life. As a result, the medium we use can be quite unpredictable. We have to use an artistic lens to filter the spectacular from the “scrap” in order to create furniture and decor that are imbued with the unconstrained character of our natural elements.

Why are we so drawn to these imperfect patterns, edges, and shapes? We believe our work brings life and bold uniqueness to any room. While stoic, structured pieces can be easy to incorporate, we find our pieces immediately become the focal point of the space they occupy.  This exploration of the beauty of imperfection is what makes Susquehanna Woods handmade furniture so special: no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. We find the individuality appealing and hope our customers will appreciate it just as much as we do.

So many people enjoy expressing themselves in the way they decorate their homes and offices. It gives us the rare opportunity to cultivate the atmosphere of our spaces. By giving your room a natural, unrestricted vibe, you’ll feel relaxed and inspired. Spaces can start to feel bleak and confining with modern, sterile design. Give your everyday setting a breath of fresh air by introducing natural elements into your decor. 

Organic Design is becoming an increasingly popular trend in interior design as of late. The fundamental essence of Organic Design is the use of natural elements both in material and in inspiration. Designers are experimenting with wood, glass, and other natural materials to create imperfect but unique pieces for the home. Additionally, the style steers away from structured, utilitarian pieces and takes inspiration from nature instead. Imagine flowing rivers, unique snowflakes, asymmetrical flowers, or adventurously reaching branches. Organic Design typically is clean, simple, and neutral in palette. These rustic components invite us to relax as if we really are sitting by a quiet stream in an open field. 

Imperfection is central to what being a human is all about. We are not these robotic, symmetrical beings; we are spirited, ever-changing, rough-around-the-edges creatures. It’s no secret that none of us are perfect. It’s no secret we all need to disconnect sometimes and create our own sanctuaries.